2 Spirit Elders Advisory Council

The purpose of the Society’s 2 Spirit Elders Advisory Council is to contribute to 2SiMS by recognizing and honouring contributions; sharing community and provide, as requested, traditional and spiritual support. The responsibilities of the 2 Spirit Elders Advisory Council is to:

  1. Act as an advisory council and carry forward the collective voices of the Elders to help provide guidance and ceremonial support for the Society and its members. The Elders Advisory Council is guided by the values of 2SiMS and the Vision and Mission Statements.
  2. Advise 2SiMS on issues concerning 2 Spirit people which relate to the mandate of 2SiMS and to provide guidance, recommendations, and advice to support SiMS work on a National level.
  3. Support 2SiMS in addressing concerns that might arise both internally and externally and make recommendations and assist in decisions.

Our current council is as follows

Blu Waters - Ontario
Ed Lavallee - Alberta
Ruby Dennis - British Columbia
Sheila Nyman - British Columbia
Marjorie Beaucage - Saskatchewan
Kenny Prosper - Nova Scotia 

Sheila - EAC Web
Sheila Nyman (She/They) is a Syilx Metis member of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band in the Okanagan. I am a registered Master's degree clinical Social Worker with First Nations Health providing a blend of traditional healing and ceremony with western models of therapy. I have been taught and given permission to conduct ceremonies and share teachings of Moontime and hold MoonLodge spaces as well as sweat lodge. I am involved as an Elder in Residence for a number of health and research organizations and universities. I have 4 adult kids, 9 grandkids and 3 great-grandkids. I have experienced the foster care system as a stolen child of the 60's Scoop. From 2009 until 2014 I worked as cultural and emotional support for Indian Residential School survivors while they told their stories of their experiences at the schools. I see our people standing up in our truth with pride of who we are and that we are still here. All my relations!
Marjorie - EAC Web

Marjorie Beaucage (she/elle) is Franco-Michif from Red River (Union Nationale des Metis [St Joseph, Manitoba]), and was born in Vassar, Manitoba, to a large Métis family. Marjorie is a 2 Spirit Métis Auntie, filmmaker, art-ivist and educator, land protector, and a water walker. Marjorie’s life’s work has been about creating social change, working to give people the tools for creating possibilities and right relations through creating art, music, writing. She is currently working on launching her book, 'Leave Some for the Birds: Movements for Justice' and getting ready for her third Water Walk for the Saskatchewan River. In her free time she is taking care of my garden and gathering berries and medicines, or assisting at several 2S camps and cultural camps for students at FNUC and SUNTEP throughout the summer.

Ruby - EAC Web

Ruby-Marie Dennis (she/her) is a member of the Tl' azt' en Nation, in British Columbia. Ruby sits on the 2SiMS Elders Advisory Council, and works closely with the BC Regional 2S Organization, Four Feathers Society.

Kenny - EAC
Kenny Prosper (he/him) is a band member of the Eskasoni First Nation in Nova Scotia but have resided in Halifax since Oct 1994. He retired in Nov 2019 as the Native Hospital Liaison Interpreter in the Halifax area. Presently, Kenny does Mi'kmaw translation work, is on the advisory committee the Mi'kmawey Debert Project, as well as works on the board for the Wabanaki 2 Spirit Alliance.