2 Spirit Health Legislation Final Report PDF

The purpose of this project is to highlight the diverse voices of 2 Spirit peoples and their many health needs that have been overlooked within the intersection of Indigenous and LGBTQQIA+ health legislation, and ensure that 2 Spirit communities are represented within the Government of Canada’s co-development on health legislation for Indigenous peoples.

As part of our 2 Spirit Health Legislation project, we will be holding virtual roundtable discussions regarding 2 Spirit Health in Canada starting in August 2021, until the end of October 2021.

Panelists will be Indigenous Two-Spirit folks with knowledge relating to policy, and health, and will be open to any 2S participants across the nation interested in sharing their stories and perspectives. Once we have completed the 8 roundtables, we will record the themes, recommendations, and conclusions into an interim report that will be submitted to the Government of Canada, as well as being reviewed by the 2 Spirit Organizations involved in late January 2022.

2SiMS 1st Health Legislation Roundtable held on August 19th, 2021