AGM 2021

Please join us on Saturday, Mar 27th for our virtual Annual General Meeting and hear all the great work accomplished in the 2019/20 fiscal year. Please contact for registration or more information


Special Resolutions - Amend Bylaws – 2SiMS Bylaws Draft #2

1. Change “Foundation” to “Society”

2. Change any wording of Two Spirit(s) to “2 Spirit(s)”

3. ARTICLE IV - MEMBERSHIP, Section 1 - take out “Family” as being a member and add in “Indigiqueer” after 2 Spirit

4. ARTICLE IX - THE ELDERS COUNCIL - Elder’s Council - change to “Spiritual Advisory Council” and take out the clause in section g “must be of reasonable health and to travel.” and take out Section 3 Categories clause of “Active and Non-active Elders:”

5. ARTICLE X - BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Section 1 - Change to 13 Board members, representing the 10 Regions and Territories, the Youth Rep, and amend to add in 2 distinct seats - Metis and Inuit

6. ARTICLE X - BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Section 8(a),10, and ARTICLE XII - EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, Section 2,8(a),10 - change “Executive Director” to “Director General”

7. ARTICLE XV – 2 SPIRIT YOUTH COUNCIL, Section 1 - take out clause that youth can not be a part of the Youth Council if they have children

8. ARTICLE XXVII – DISSOLUTION OF SOCIETY - add in the section on “Dissolution of the Society”