Board Members

The 2 Spirits in Motion Society(2SiMS) is a registered national non-profit society incorporated in July 2018 under the relevant society laws of the Government of Canada.

  • Corrina Sparrow, Co-Chair, Region 1 – BC (British Columbia)
  • Boyd Whiskeyjack, Board member, Region 2 – AB (Alberta)
  • Jack Saddleback, Co-Chair, Region 3 – SK (Saskatchewan)
  • Connie Merasty, Treasurer, Region 4 – MB (Manitoba)
  • Blu, 2 Spirit Elders Council member on the Board, Region 5 – ON (Ontario)
  • Maloose, Board member, Region 6 – QC (Quebec)
  • (Chief) Allan Polchies Jr Board member, Region 7, ATL (Atlantic)
  • Vacant, Board member, Region 8, YT (Yukon Territory)
  • Braeden Moore, Board Member, Region 9, NWT (Northwest Territory)
  • Vacant, Board member, Region 10, NT (Nunavut Territory)
  • Chelsea Currie, Youth Board member, AB (Alberta)
  • Lucy Fowler, Secretary, sitting as a distinct Metis representative filling a vacant seat until such time as we update our Bylaws to add Board positions for distinct First Nation, Metis and Inuit populations.

Picture is from the 2nd Wind Forum, Jan 2020

Left to right – Chelsea Currie, Braeden Moore, Raven Davis (former Board member), Maloose, Nenookaasi Ogichidaa (former Board member), Connie Merasty, Jack Saddleback, RW Hoekstra (former Board member), Corrina Sparrow