Board Members

The 2 Spirits in Motion Foundation (2SiMF) is a registered national non-profit society incorporated in July 2018 under the relevant society laws of the Government of Canada.

  • Corrina Sparrow, Secretary, Region 1 - BC (British Columbia)
  • RW Hoekstra, Board member, Region 2 - AB (Alberta)
  • Jack Saddleback, Co-Chair, Region 3 - SK (Saskatchewan)
  • Connie Merasty, Board member, Region 4 - MB (Manitoba)
  • Nenookaasi Ochrym, Treasurer, Region 5 - ON (Ontario)
  • Maloose Jolly, Board member, Region 6 - QC (Quebec)
  • Vacant, Board member, Region 7, ATL (Atlantic)
  • Vacant, Board member, Region 8, YT (Yukon Territory)
  • Braeden Moore, Board Member, Region 9, NWT (Northwest Territory)
  • Vacant, Board member, Region 10, NT (Nunavut Territory)
  • Chelsea Currie, Youth Board member, AB (Alberta)
  • Laureen Blu Waters, 2 Spirit Elders Council member on the Board
  • Lucy FowlerBoard member, sitting as a distinct Metis representative filling a vacant seat until such time as we update our Bylaws to add Board positions for distinct First Nation, Metis and Inuit populations.