The 2 Spirits in Motion Society (2SiMS) is a registered national non-profit society incorporated in July 2018 under the relevant society laws of the Government of Canada.

Current Board of Directors

Jaylenn Tourangeau - Chair
Percy Lezard - Interim Co-Chair
Connie Merasty - Treasurer
Kaitlin Lee - Interim Secretary
Diane Labelle - Member at Large
Dale Ahenakew - Member at Large
Sylvain Harquail - Member at Large

Diane - BoD

Elizabeth Diane Labelle (no pronouns) is of mixed, non-status heritage. Diane is a mother, grandmother, and life partner. Diane has over 40+ years of experience in the world of education as a teacher, consultant, administrator, and presenter. Presently, Diane holds the position of Regional Educational Advisor in Adult Education for the First Nations Adult Education School Council.

Diane works with Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and organizations on the issue of “decolonization”, especially in education, by presenting a more complete history of Canada. This provides listeners with the opportunities to increase insights into the impacts of legislation and trauma on the Indigenous nations of Turtle Island - genocide, as well as changes brought to values and perceptions regarding gender and sexualities within Indigenous communities – gendercide.

In January of 2023, Diane helped in the creation of the first regional Two-Spirit group in Quebec – Cercle Indigiqueer Circle. Within its first 6 months, this group has been making moves to create visibility of divergent Indigenous genders and sexualities and efforts to break isolation for those living in more remote communities. Cercle Indigiqueer Circle will be present at several Pride events throughout the summer, is organizing the opening of this year's Montreal Pride, is hosting a Two-Spirit conference day, and is sponsoring individuals to attend these events as well.

Diane can be reached at or

Percy - BoD

Dr. Percy Lezard (They, Them, Theirs) is a sqilxw registered with Penticton Indian Band in unceded B.C., their parents are Indian Residential School (IRS) & Day School Survivors; Val Baptiste, Moses Baptiste, Pierre Kruger and grandparents are Ernie Lezard/Elizabeth Manual, Annie George/Jacob Kruger, & Katherine Manual/George Baptiste. They are an assistant professor in a post secondary institution. They are a national and global leader as their work centers Indigenous knowledge, Two-spirit pedagogies, community Indigenous health, missing and murdered women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA+, and gender-based violence in 2SLGBTQQIA+ communities.

Lim Limpt & in solidarity, Percy.

Percy Lezard, Ph.D can be reached at

Connie - Web BOD

Connie Merasty (she/her) is a fifty four year old Two Spirit Swampy Cree trans-woman hailing from the oh so fabulous Opaskwayak Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba. Connie is the 11 th born to a family of 12 children of Emil and Elsie Merasty. Connie is the 2SLGBTQUIA+ Program Coordinator for Cree Nation Tribal Health in The Pas, Manitoba. She is a board member of the 2 Spirits in Motion Society, a national Two Spirit advocacy group. She has worked on 2SLGBT rights and freedoms since the late 80’s and continues to advocate for 2SLGBT people nationally. Connie is also a writer and performer of stage and screen. Her family conducts ceremonies for her community in northern Manitoba and continues to help with the healing of our First Nations people. She reminds us to always remember where we came from and to be clear and focused on where we are heading. Her work with the archives continues to inspire Connie’s activism and is one outlet for remembering her 2S colleagues and friends who have passed into the spirit world.

Connie can be reached at