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'YDSP' Project Overview

The 'Youth Digital Storytelling project' (YDSP) began July of 2021 as a modern way for 2 Spirit youth to engage in relational dialogue across the country and potentially around the world.

The project is currently underway and is being developed by the 2SiMS 'YDSP Project team' consisting of the two (2) 'National 2Spirit Youth Coordinators', and a web developer with support from the General Director.

The project's scope has three (3) overarching expected outcomes:


1) A 2Spirit Youth Governance Structure established via the election of a 2Spirit Youth Council membership, and:

  • Monthly Youth Council Meetings with recorded minutes;
  • The designation of a Youth Board representative; and,
  • Receive mentorship/training by professionals on web development and social media.


2) A Website as a dedicated digital publishing platform for promoting 2Spirit Youth mental wellness and connection by;

  • Publishing the storytelling and experiences of 2Spirit youth ; and,
  • Sharing these positive influential stories onto the website's Social Media Network for maximum outreach to 2Spirit youth.


3) A Podcast Series to be featured on various platforms to ensure as wide an audience as possible.

  • Created to promote youth voices; and,
  • with recommendation from the 2Spirit Youth Council.

Check out the YDSP Terms of Reference below:

The 'YDSP' project is funded by Indigenous Services Canada.

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